Hunter Education and Safety Program

The Albemarle County Sheriff's Office offers a course in youth hunter education and safety in late summer or early fall.

The class is for kids between the ages of twelve and sixteen, and the goal is to teach kids how to hunt safely with parents supervising nearby.

The Sheriff's Office says they want to teach kids at a young age, because that way they'll learn safe practices right away.

Deputy Ike Wright teaches the youth hunting class," Firearm safety, always being safe around a firearm whether it's in the home or a hunting situation, and ethics. Doing what's right every time not just when it's convenient."

Deputy Ike Wright says he was only four years old when his dad first took him hunting. Some of these students are already avid hunters.

While others have never touched a gun before, they say they just want to enjoy the outdoors safely with their friends and family that do hunt.

With parents nearby, students learn how to operate a gun safely and climb up a tree with a safety harness.

"We have guns here that are available for them to touch and handle," said Deputy Wright. "These guns that are here right now have had the firing pins removed so that we know that they're safe. But the goal is safe gun handling."

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And with deer populations rising, Deputy Wright says people will continue hunting and owning guns. The message he's trying to get across is safety.

Deputy Wright is a member of the Hunters for the Hungry Program where hunters donate the venison from the deer they kill to needy families.

The course covers wilderness survival as well as bow hunting, muzzle loading, firearms, and modern shotguns and rifles.

Those completing the course students will receive a certificate, an ID card, and a patch.

The above video and story courtesy of WCAV TV.

Floyd “Ike” Wright

Hunter Education and Safety-Program Manager

Twenty Three Years of Service in the Law Enforcement and in the Criminal Justice Service; Deputy Sheriff, Albemarle County Sheriff’s Office; Certified Law Enforcement Officer; Certified Civil Process and Courtroom Security Officer; Department of Criminal Justice Services General Instructor; DCJS Certified Firearms Lead Instructor; Defensive Tactics Instructor; Search and Rescue Instructor; Chemical Agents Instructor; ATV Safety Instructor. For more information, please contact Deputy Wright through the “Contact Us” section of this website.
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Licensed and Registered Professional Hunting Guide; Master Hunter Education Safety Instructor (Five Year Course Curriculum).

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