Beaumont Problems Observed

November 10, 1999  |  Richmond Times-Dispatch

Excerpts From Article

Board [of Juvenile Justice] member John "Chip" Harding said that after a recent unannounced visit to Beaumont Juvenile Correctional Center, he is ready to vote to decertify the facility.

"I am very upset," said Harding, a police lieutenant from Charlottesville. 'It was atrocious.'

During his visit and in follow-up conversations, Harding said he was told that some officers pay residents to keep fellow residents in line, with violence if necessary..

"I think the people who work there are heroes," he said, "But because of overcrowding and understaffing, a number of officers are looking the other way when [residents] commit infractions rather than attempt to intervene."

J. E. "Chip" Harding

Albemarle Sheriff's Office
410 E. High Street
Charlottesville, Va 22902