Court Security, Civil Process, and Transportation



Courtroom Security Responsibilities

The Court Security staff is responsible for maintaining order and proper decorum in all courts. The Albemarle County Deputies assigned to Court Services are responsible for inmate transportation and courtroom security. Our Court Security Staff is also responsible for assisting the public.

In order to maintain a safe and secure environment, all persons and parcels entering the courts are subject to search. Cell phones and other electronic or recording devices are prohibited beyond the security screening desks at Albemarle County Circuit Court and at the Albemarle County Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court. Cell Phones are allowed in Albemarle County General District Court but only in the completely turned-off position.

Prohibited Items in all Albemarle County Courthouses:

  • Possession of firearms within all Albemarle County Courthouses is limited to the Court Deputies and Law Enforcement Officers only.
  • Law Enforcement Officers entering court for personal matters (i.e., custody, civil or criminal case) are prohibited from entering the courthouse with weapons.
  • The general public is prohibited from entering all Albemarle County Courthouses with weapons or items considered to be weapons including, but not limited to: Knives, Box Cutters, Cutting Tools, Scissors, Needles, Nail Files or Clippers, Chemical Agents, Firearms, and Tasers.

Other Unauthorized Items Include:

  • Cameras of any kind.
  • Video Cameras of any kind.
  • Recording Devices of any kind.
  • Umbrellas.
  • Food and Beverages are not allowed in any Albemarle County Court.

The Albemarle County Court Security Staff is not authorized to store any materials for persons entering the court areas.

Civil Process Responsibilities

The Albemarle County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for serving all civil process as directed by the court system.

These papers include, but are not limited to, subpoenas, notices, orders, complaints and summonses for both Civil and Criminal cases.

The Civil Process Division is also responsible for executing evictions, levies, seizures and public auctions.  The Albemarle County Sheriffs Office serves approximately thirty five thousand papers yearly.

Civil Process Fee Schedule

In-State: $12

Out-of State: $75

Prisoner Transportation

The Albemarle County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for safely transporting prisoners from the regional jail to court by the direction of the county court system.

Whenever an inmate is transported from the jail, the Records office is made aware of the movement as verification must be made of all inmates leaving the confines of the jail and must be re-verified upon the inmate’s return.