Jens Soering Special on ABC 20/20 - TRAILER, January 2018

How to save lives with DNA testing.
As printed in the WSJ. 

Sheriff Harding's letter to the governor.
Letter to the Governor. 

Sheriff Harding seeks release of Jens Soering.
Story by NBC29. 

Parents of Hannah Graham back bill to enhance dna collection.
Story by The News & Advance. 

Albemarle Sheriff advocates DNA bank.
Story by The News & Advance. 

Albemarle Sheriffs Office Search and rescue class.
Story by NBC29. 

Albemarle Sheriffs Office swears in new recruits.
Story by NBC29. 

Henrico County Woman Thanks Albemarle County Deputy.
Story by Newsplex. 

ACSO developing plans to to use drones for search and rescue.
Story by NBC29. 

Program uses religion to reform inmates.
Story by Newsplex. 

ACSO Foundation hosts banquet dinner.
Story by NBC29. 

Sheriff warns of Jury duty scam.
Story by NBC29. 

Gianniny picked as Albemarle's first female chief deputy sheriff
Story by Daily Progeress. 

Albemarle County Sheriff's Office Welcomes First Female Chief Deputy
Story By Newsplex. 

Search and Rescue team holds training exercise.
Story by NBC29. 

Bill would expanded DNA database
Story by Daily Progress. 

Sheriff thinks Hannah Graham would be alive if Va. had expanded DNA database
Story by WTVR. 

Worsky family react to convicted killer Glenn Barker’s death
Story by Cville Weekly. 

Harding to seek another term as Albemarle sheriff
Story by Daily Progress. 

Distinguished Dozen: Search and rescue coordinator typically shies away from limelight
Story by Daily Progress. 

Albemarle BOS to Meet with State Lawmakers on DNA Databank Expansion
Story by Newsplex. 

Crime Commission Recommends Efforts to Improve Search and Rescue
Story by Newsplex. 

Expand the DNA database
Story by Newsleader. 

Virginia Justice Improved - If not Now When ?
ACSO press release. 

Hannah Graham Another Unnecessary Victim.
ACSO press release. 

Possible expansion to criminal database.
Story by Newsplex. 

Albemarle Sheriff calls for Change in DNA Collection Protocols.
Story by NBC29. 

Albemarle County Sheriff's Banquet Recognizes Volunteers
Story by Newsplex. 

Volunteers Help Widen Search for Hannah Graham
Story by Newsplex. 

City search for Hanah Graham
Story by Daily Progress. 

Search called of for Bonnie Santiago
Story by Daily Progress. 

Search Continues for Bonnie Santiago
Story by Newsplex. 

Harding’s charge: Albemarle County Sheriff takes aim at wrongful convictions
Story by Cville. 

Panelists discuss idea of Justice Commission at Tom Tom event
Story by Daily Progress. 

Sheriff Joins Call for Equal Pay for Public Defenders, Prosecutors

Public defenders are asking for a pay raise, as they make about a quarter less than prosecutors. They are asking Charlottesville City Council and the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors to give them equal pay. 

Public Defender Jim Hingely says the pay gap means they continue to lose talented staff. The public defenders have found an ally in Albemarle County Sheriff Chip Harding. 

"It wasn't until a couple of years ago I learned that our public defenders’ office does not share the same pay scale equity with the commonwealths attorney’s office, says Sheriff Harding. I don't think it’s fair, and I don’t think it’s just, I don’t think it’s good for the system." 
Story by Newsplex

Sheriff gauges support for innocence panel Story by Richmond Times. 

Albemarle County Sheriff Chip Harding Champions for Public Defenders Story by NBC29. 

Albemarle County Sheriff Chip Harding talks about expanding his POSSE.Podcast by WINA. 

Family of Evelyn Turner thanks ACSO Search and Rescue. Story by Daily Progress

Woman found deceased near where she went missing.
Story by Daily Proggress

Albemarle County Sheriff's Appreciation Banquet Thanks Volunteers, Accepts Donated Truck.
Story by Newsplex

Albemarle Chief Deputy Bobby Shiflett Locates Missing Hiker.
Story by NBC29. 

Albemarle Sheriff Chip Harding Champions DNA Databank Expansion.
Youtube Video

Supreme court DNA ruling.
Story by NBC29. 

Search & Rescue conducts joint exercise.
Story by Newsplex. 

New volunteers sworn in.
Story by Newsplex. 

Sheriff Harding named person of the year runner up.
Story by the Hook. 

Crozet Volunteer Fire Department awards the Albemarle Sheriff's Office its "Community Service Award"
Story by ACSO Foundation. 

Vineyard owner helps with search missions with helicopter, piloting
  Story courtesy Daily Progress Sept 10, 2012  

Local jail inmate to help pay court costs.
Story by daily progress May 10, 2010 

ACSO S&R Gets_Access_to_Search_and_Rescue_Helicopter. 
  Story courtesy CBS 19. May 5, 2012  

ACSO search & rescue finds 53 yr old woman. 
  Story courtesy NBC29. May 4, 2012  

Judge frees Hash in rejected Culpeper murder case
  Story courtesy The Daily Progress. Mar 14, 2012  

Sheriff made hash of case against Hash
  Story courtesy The Hook. Feb 29, 2012  

Albemarle County Sheriff Forming "Posse" 
  Story courtesy CBS19 News. Feb 22, 2012  

"Sheriff Search by canoe for missing Earlysville man."
  Story courtesy NBC29. Dec 21, 2011  

"Sheriff's Search & Rescue Continue on."
  Story courtesy CBS 19 news. Dec 16, 2011  

"Realty of self defense."
  Story courtesy NBC 29 news. Sept 22, 2011  

"ACSO Teaching kids how to act safely around guns."
  Story courtesy NBC 29 news. July 14, 2011  

"ACSO Search & Rescue practices with the Civil Air Patrol"
  Story courtesy NBC 29 news. June 11, 2011  

"Peace of mind for parents."
  Story courtesy NBC 29 news. Apr 5, 2011  

"Reserve deputies Firearms training."
  Video Courtesy NBC29 March 17, 2011  

"Search & rescue needs Volunteers."
  Story courtesy CBS 19 news. Feb 8, 2011  

"Woman arrested after giving TV interview."
  Story courtesy CBS 19 news. Feb 4, 2011  

"26 Fugitives Arrested."
  Story courtesy CBS 19 news. Feb 4, 2011  

"Refuse to Be A Victim."
  Story courtesy NBC29 news. Jan 17, 2011  

"Internet Crimes Against Children on the rise."
  Video courtesy NBC29 news. Jan 17, 2011  
  Story courtesy NBC29 news. Jan 17, 2011  

"ACSO Reserve Deputy chosen for Distinguished Dozen."
  Courtesy Daily Progress Dec 27, 2010  

"Sheriffs office making money on Fingerprinting."
  Courtesy Daily Progress Dec 12, 2010  

"Arrangement huge bargain for Albemarle County."
  Courtesy Daily Progress Dec 1, 2010  

"ACSO Reserve Deputy on loan to Commonwealth Atty office."
  Courtesy Daily Progress Nov 27, 2010  

"Middle School Learns Internet Saftey."
  Story Courtesy NBC29 Nov 22, 2010  
  Video Courtesy NBC29 Nov 22, 2010  

"Sheriff's Office Accredited Again."
  Courtesy CBS19 Oct 6, 2010  

"Albemarle woman found by search team"
  Courtesy CBS19 Sep 24, 2010  

"Albemarle Focusing on Child Safety."
  Courtesy NBC29 June 12, 2010  

"Child fingerprinting event at Red Robin."
  Video courtesy NBC29 June 12, 2010  

"Harding Supports Innocence Project"
Story by Daily Progress. June 10, 2010

Local jail could up inmate workfoce.
Story by daily progress May 10, 2010 

"Sheriff's office swears in 13 new reserve deputies, Becoming Virginia's Largest Reserve Division"
Story by Daily Progress. April 26, 2010 

"Sheriff Harding testifies in Congress."
  courtesy NBC29 March 12, 2010  

"Activists add funds to combat predators"
Story by Daily Progress. Feb 3, 2010

"Chip Harding talks about DNA on CNN Live."
  Video courtesy CNN  

"3 Caught for shooting decoy deer."
Story by CBS19 Dec 16, 2009 

"Albemarle County Sheriff's office uses decoy deer to catch spotlighters."
Story by CBS19 Nov 10, 2009 

"History made at Albemarle County Sheriff's office."
Story by NBC29 Aug 31, 2009 

"Reserve force helping Sheriff's office."
Story by NBC29 June 6, 2009 

"Albemarle County Sheriff, Chip Harding, joined Charlottesville Right Now to discuss law enforcement issues."
Podcast by Charlottesville Right Now May 13, 2009 

"Search and Rescue Field Exercise May 2nd"
Press Release April 28, 2009 

"Officers give time to a worthy cause"
Story by Daily Progress April 25, 2009 

"Albemarle Looking for Search and Rescue Volunteers"
Story by NBC29 April 15, 2009 

"Home child identification kits free to county schools."
  Courtesy CBS19 Mar 27, 2009  

"When the crack epidemic overook Charlottesville."
  Courtesy DailyProgress Mar 23, 2009  

"Prison ministry in trouble"
Story by NBC29 Feb 24, 2009 

"Albemarle courts to get new security precautions"
Story by The Daily Progress January 12, 2009 

"Volunteer Deputy A Real Lifesaver"
Story by The Daily Progress January 2, 2009 

"Hiker Lost at Walnut Park"
Story by WCAV Charlottesville newsplex December 28, 2008 

"Foreclosure program offers hope"
Story by The Daily Progress October 4, 2008 

"Sheriff wants 30000 more on DNA databank"
Story by The Daily Progress August 30, 2008